Interactive Walkthrough Prototype Plan

I fin­ished the plan­ing for the inter­ac­tive pro­to­type that I will present on the Final Review on May 17th.

It con­sists of an inter­ac­tive walk­through with 4 sce­nar­ios and 16 indi­vid­ual tasks. It is divided in two sec­tions for the dif­fer­ent tar­get users: guests and hosts.

The users will be taken through the pro­to­type with popup guid­ing mes­sages made with jQuery. All the user have to do is fol­low the instruc­tions that pop up.

Click on the image to see the info­graphic (plan) in large format.

Interactive Walkthrough Prototype Plan

NobleCount, the “proper” character counter

Noble­Count is a cus­tomiz­able jQuery plu­gin for a more improved count­ing of the remain­ing char­ac­ters, and han­dling of result­ing behav­iors, of a text entry object, e.g. input textfield, textarea. It counts how many char­ac­ters are being typed on a text field or text area, and pro­vides a feed­back to the user show­ing how many char­ac­ters are remaining.

It was cre­ated by The Prod­uct Guy, under dual licensed under GPL and MIT, and I will try to use it on text areas, spe­cially for pri­vate mes­sages between users and also on rental prop­erty def­i­n­i­tions, and prop­erty reviews.

Noble­Count by The Prod­uct Guy.

Front-end Web Development Progress — JSON & Calendar

Week 14 & 15 — 05/10/2011 to 05/20/2011
Meet­ing with DS advi­sor on 05/11/2011 and on 05/18/2011.

Issues cov­ered:

- JSON lan­guage
– Use of data returned from an Ajax request.
– Google maps final adjust­ments.
– Avail­abil­ity cal­en­dar setup using jQuery UI and JSON.
– Dynamic avail­abil­ity cal­en­dar with Ajax/JSON using a jQuery plug in.

Front-End Web Development Progress — Google Maps API

Week 12 & 13 — 05/03/2011 to 05/09/2011

Meet­ing with DS advi­sor on 05/05/2011

Issues Cov­ered

  • Google maps api
  • Front end devel­op­ment strategy
  • jQuery Selec­tors


Front-end Development Progress

Week 10 & 11 — 04/19/2011 to 05/02/2011
Meet­ing with DS advi­sor on 04/21/2011 and 04/23/2011

Issues Cov­ered:

  • jQuery datepick­ers
  • form val­i­da­tion
  • css selec­tors
  • google maps
  • page lay­out x seman­tic html

Goals for next week:

  • Google Maps API